Conceptual Art of OZ Dr. Olga Zbarskaya

Olga Zbarskaya, PhD, is a distinguished scholar, administrator, consultant, and internationally published author. She has overseen various programs and provided professional development for Human Services administrators and licensed professionals in NYC.

Dr. Zbarskaya is an expert in international research in the areas of mental fitness, creative thinking, problem solving, and decision making. She has developed curricula for professionals from diverse backgrounds to help them enhance their success through cortical stimulation, metaphorical thinking, and making their environments more conducive to creativity.

Olga Zbarskaya is a member of numerous international societies and a recipient of awards across the fields of education, administration, human services, social work, science, and literature. Based on international research and experiences, her work provides multiple techniques for finding unseen patterns of meanings in order to think beyond perceived boundaries. She teaches people how to recognize arrangements within patterns, combine components into complex forms, fill in blind spots, make analogies, predict variations to exercise creative decision making, find alternatives, and turn challenges into advantages for better performance in everyday life.


Dr. Zbarskaya approaches creativity from both theoretical and practical perspectives. She has published poetry, academic books, and articles. She has staged multimedia poetry performances, hosted TV and radio programs, presented at conferences, lectured, and conducted interviews with creative thinkers around the world. Dr. Zbarskaya ’s poetry, performed by well-known Russian actors, is recorded on numerous CDs. It is published internationally and performed on different radio and TV stations worldwide.

Dr. Zbarskaya is the author of the book The Formation of Culture of Self-Determination; the poetry collections The Harmony of Soul, The Formula of Luck, My Emerald World, Eternity of Change, Lunar sketch, Antique of instance, The door to yourself, Manhattan ballad, and Incredible reality; and the historical play The Thirst, among other writings.

Dr. Zbarskaya enjoys oil-on-canvas painting and handicraft work. She illustrated her scientific books and poetry collections. While her metaphors notably incorporate unexpected imagery, they are effectively balanced by illustrations that make her words visible through those colors, textures, and shapes that exemplify her mood and provoke passion. Dr. Zbarskaya’s images may be interpreted through a combination of empirical stimuli and interpretive meanings of an observer.

Olga is passionate for color-enriched concepts in which every image blossoms with its own temper, attitude, and infatuation. Ideas are the most important aspect of her conceptual art. She prizes originality over the formal components of her works.